Genie Espinosa


Name: Genie Espinosa Badia
Location: Barcelona, Spain

How about a brief introduction?
I’m a lawyer-to-be student who decided to stop everything and study the wonderful an colored part of life: illustration and design. Once i touched this world i can’t go out, and started a blog where i share my everyday thoughs and illos! Also, i’ve a crush on bunnies and dogs and tea flavors. As an illustrator i love the fact that i can’t stop learning everyday with this profession.

What does going green mean to you?
it’s about respect and love, and caring for every single object in the world!

What projects are you currently working on?
I’ve to work in some illos for a tale, i’m so excited! recently i’ve finished a collabo for some greeting cards and invitations, it was awesome!

What’s your favorite tool?
Pencil and my bamboo!

What 3 words would best describe you as an artist?
spontaneous, colored and caring!

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