Sponsor giveaway: Eszter Schall

Eszter Schall giveaway

Hungarian illustrator and graphic designer Eszter Schall sells prints, invitations and jewelry in her Etsy shop. I’m a big fan of her illustrations — contemporary and playful, they would look great printed on batik (even the textures in her illustrations remind me of the fabric.)

As our sponsor, she’s giving away one beautiful print entitled Foxfun to ONE lucky Pikaland reader! Just comment below on what you think the foxes are toasting to (this should be interesting!) and we’ll pick a winner after 2nd November!

*UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Andrea, as generated by random.org


46 thoughts on “Sponsor giveaway: Eszter Schall

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re toasting to them memory of Paul the Psychic Octopus and that they’re singing “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles. (They made enough money to put in that in-ground pool they always wanted by placing bets on the World Cup soccer tournaments.)

  2. It is Mr and Mrs Fox from the movie Fantastic Mr Fox. They are making a toast in celebration for getting the lead cast in Wes Anderson’s movie.

    Ezter Schall is a lovely illustrator so this sponsor giveaway is very exciting.

    Thank you!

  3. I believe they are toasting the ever-fattening turkeys that will soon be coming up.
    Either that, or they already had so much wine, that they they have begun toasting the act of toasting.
    Or perhaps, since the artist is Hungarian, they may be toasting a fine new batch of Villany wine.

  4. I was trying to do some research on her blog and see what she is all about because I would honestly like to know now. I did however look through her other works and I see many things such as 2 foxes arm in arm and of course “potato romanticism” I saw that she also does wedding invitations and I think that they are just plainly toasting to their love it could be to each other and to nature. Either way thanks for asking that question it really did make me think!

  5. these foxes are toasting to the good fortune that two stupid old ladies left a whole bottle of wine (and even some glasses!) on their porch.

    but this picture was actually taken AFTER their toast – they are now howling musical choruses to all of their fox friends to come share the wine.

  6. They are toasting to the raccoon dog because the raccoon dog, like the fox, is the only other species of canine which can climb trees…they’re sitting on a branch and singin’ ‘raccoon dog, raccOoOoon DaaaawG! Get yourself on a boat and come join us in this evergreeeeeen!’

  7. they are celebrating their new inclusion in frog & miss mousey’s wedding party.

    next to come in was mr. fox
    raided the larder and picked the locks

    king kong kitchie kitchie ki mi oh

  8. The foxes are toasting to the beautiful day they’ve had. Tanning themselves on the beach…being the only ones on the beach.. relaxing under the sun..and sitting in shallow waters, watching the sun go down…and watching an orange moon rise shortly afterwards. They realize this is something magical. But its not the magic in the air that they are toasting to. It is the magic in their hearts…that they are soon going to discover. So, shhhh…don’t tell them yet for its their secret to know.

  9. the last great drinking (and dining) autumn harvest night. It will be a season before they see such succulent mice and great wine again.

  10. Two little foxes
    Red as can be
    toasting to the music
    from the fall leaves of trees.
    The great full moon
    observes though not near
    and approves of the toast
    once again, this year.

  11. im sure they’re toasting to the Cobrastyle and they’re at the part “my style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi uu uuu “ 🙂

  12. to colors, to the possibility of making it, to the way shoes look just after a shining, to the arch of an over-ripe apple

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