Doodles in conversation

A Day in the Life of me with my kids...

Evening Conversation

I find doodles/letterings of everyday conversations extremely charming — embedded behind those cheery looking lines are things that we say to each other everyday that we take for granted (except perhaps “bugger off”, which I think is funny yet quaint, but I can’t really say that to people a lot!)

{first image: Liz Rocks | second image: Jenni Sparks}


This week’s postings has packed quite a punch (ahem, two giveaways) so I think I’ll ease up on the eye candy for today and will see you back on Monday, have a lovely weekend!

6 Replies to “Doodles in conversation”

  1. Katie G says:

    Love these! I remember for a college project we had to fill a whole sketchbook with these kind of things…found or overheard text creatively presented…thanks for reminding me, I’m going to dig it out and blog it!

    Also, it completely threw me to come home this evening and find you’ve written a post that’s dated Saturday. Its still Friday here of course!

  2. hmstrjam says:

    love these, that handwriting has such personality, hmm makes me wonder what I say in a day, maybe use my tweets as inspiration…

  3. Liz says:

    Thanks for including my Sketchbook Project spread in your post!

  4. Louise says:

    Coool, I like these 🙂

  5. AlpineGypsy says:

    Haha, these are just great! Made me chuckle. :^)


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