stephanie kubo

EEK! I love the graphic drawings of California illustrator/artist Stephanie Kubo’s series Head Dress. If I could have Stephanie draw me a ceremonial head dress it would involve a knit hat, a Kindle, a teacup WITH earl grey tea inside, headphones, a dream catcher, tarot cards, and sharpie pens. I choose not to justify my choices.

What would she draw for yours? Check out Stephanie’s amazing drawings while you consider your options.

4 Replies to “stephanie kubo”

  1. Afi says:

    Lovely style! Very detailed 🙂

  2. @PatoPaez says:

    They remind me of art nouveau drawings with a much higher edge. Love them!

  3. Calvin says:

    Dude. Her “Early Obsessions” are now my current obsessions for sure.

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