The Book Cover Archive

I think I might have just stumbled upon my version of a candy store with The Book Cover Archive. The title of website is exactly what it is: a giant depository and archive of beautiful book covers, including the design info that they could find for each one (art director, typeface, etc.). One of my favorites is the collection directed by John Gall where the books are framed like a diorama (see the last image above!)

I can spend hours just browsing through the whole site, and something tells me that you might just be propelled to do the same if you’re a bookaholic like me.


There’s not going to be a book review this week — in fact I’m taking a few days off as it’s a holiday over here, so I’ll be leaving you with an interview with Lilli Carré by Melanie.

See you on Monday and have a great weekend!

2 Replies to “The Book Cover Archive”

  1. AnnaDenise says:


    Thanks for sharing Amy! Yum!

  2. candace says:

    I am a bookaholic too! Thanks for this Amy, I’m off to swoon over book covers for a while!

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