Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings is an Edinburgh-based illustrator, and I’m really fascinated by her use of cool colors for her work. There’s lots of blues in there, but they work beautifully for each of her commissions.

She’s collaborated with with poet David Troupes, has done book covers for Random House, magazine illustrations and also runs a small online shop, which you can find silk screen prints and other little bits and pieces such as cards, matchboxes, cotton shoppers and purses!

6 Replies to “Laurie Hastings”

  1. Love the brown trout card in her shop.

  2. anika says:

    so pretty! i love the style of her drawings, and the colors are great!

  3. Piper says:

    That first picture immediately sucked me in – it’s gorgeous, wow. Heading over to her shop…

  4. Lucia says:

    Beautiful work! Loved the water on the ship picture.

  5. nekocherry says:

    Great Amy! her work is really beautiful and unusual: I think she developed a unique style really particular! Love the color and her work with doors!
    And also I had the pleasure to meet her and she is a lovely person.

  6. Peter Fong says:

    Love the textured water look. Thanks for sharing again. My new inspiration blog 🙂

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