Gaia Cornwall

Gaia Cornwall

Name: Gaia Cornwall
Location: Providence, RI and Brooklyn, New York

How about a brief introduction?
Gaia Cornwall is an illustrator, (and sometimes animator,) who now splits her time between Brooklyn, NY and Providence, RI. After graduating from Pratt Institute, she worked on a variety of projects, —including producing a film festival, animating cartoons for network television and film, and working on a documentary— that gradually led her back to one of her first loves, illustration. Her hand drawn images tend to be realistically rendered, but with a whimsical touch, often employing patterns and botanical elements. Her favorite projects feature mischievous children. Gaia and her fiancé Gerald, a Flash Programmer, work at home with their two feline supervisors.

What’s your goal before the year 2010 ends?
To work for some new clients in the children’s market (my new focus,) and to keep my little online shop— which I just reopened— chugging along.

What’s your biggest fear?
Heights. Or more specifically, falling from a great one.

Share something random with us!
A couple of years ago I learned how to row and now am part of a competitive crew team that trains at sunrise. Very random for a sleep lover.

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