Samantha Battersby // Matou en peluche

Matou en peluche

Name: Samantha Battersby
Location: Sydney, Australia
Websites: | |

How about a brief introduction?
I am a history loving, cat fancier who loves art, ideas and all things stylish and imaginative! I have worked as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for Australian magazines and papers and have had my paintings and drawings exhibited in and around galleries in Sydney. I’ve performed several times at The Performance Space theatre (Sydney) in one man (me!) shows incorporating my projected drawings and my boyfriend’s sound scapes. I’ve also sold my cards and posters at markets: most recently at the Powerhouse’s Young Blood markets in Sydney.

Who/what inspires you?
A lot of things inspire me: walking around art galleries, trekking through national forests, watching a favourite movie, chatting with my best friend. Inspiration can strike at any time and from any direction!

What message would you like to send out about your work?
I am very interested in beauty and prettiness and humour. One or more of these three concepts are never far from my mind when I’m drawing.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
I am very fond of the collection of drawings I have up on Etsy and eternally thrilled that other people like them too!

Share a secret with us! If I possessed one secret power it would most definitely be the ability to fly!

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