Introducing the Good to Eat flickr group!

Good to Eat!

I’m inspired by all things food lately, and with a good rest at the end of the year, it culminated in lots of ideas for the coming months! So the first new project on Pikaland for 2010 is the Good to Eat flickr stream — a fun look at what artists, designers + illustrators all over the world eat! Nothing is more universal than food (besides music!) so share what fills your creative tummy by posting all your food and drinks related illustrations/photos on the Good to Eat page!

Norwegian food

{Loving this new blog too: Norwegian food illustrated by an Italian by Vesle Serena, a graphic designer who loves to draw and cook!}


12 thoughts on “Introducing the Good to Eat flickr group!

  1. I love this idea! And if that picture is anything to go by this’ll be an amazing collection of drawings. Only bad thing is that it’ll make me hungryyy. Really like this idea Amy!

  2. Thanks for creating this lovely group & the lovely link about illustrated Norwegian food! Hopefully, I’ll be able to post something to the group in the future as I love food!

  3. Yay Amy!! This is SO up my street!

    I’ll have to be adding some things later on….

    I’ve been keeping up with Serena’s lovely illustrations on her blog: so glad you chose to feature them. They’re fab!

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