Thinking out of the box: Etsy Virtual Labs

Oh my, what have I gotten myself into this time?

I had such a great time at the Inspiring Creativity Etsy Virtual Labs a few months ago that I was invited for another one. Trouble is, I think that there are far more people who are better at the topic than little ol’ me, but I chose to run with this because I believe that thinking-outside-of-the-box mentality is always needed when you’re dealing with business (especially when you have one that’s your own). And that takes creativity!

I’m going to wing this topic a little, so please come with an open mind – I’m not going to write about surefire ways to do Y number of things so that you get X effects! I’m hoping you’ll glean new ways of thinking from the talk, so that you can incorporate some of it into your business. It’s the process that I’m more interested in, and I hope you’ll like it too!

So do drop by on Monday, 28th September at 9PM EST at Etsy’s Virtual Labs to hear me talk about this topic. I absolutely loved making new friends at my last talk, and I hope for more of the same this time round!

I’ll post out a reminder for those on the mailing list when the time is near, so if you’re not on it yet, maybe you’d like to sign up?

10 Replies to “Thinking out of the box: Etsy Virtual Labs”

  1. Yay!! I’ll drop in for sure!!

  2. susan says:

    ooh exciting amy! best of luck! i will try and attend!

  3. Kate says:

    Saw this on facebook and thought this was exactly the kind of thing I needed to get the sales moving again. Sounds great! I’ll be there.

  4. I would have loved to come, but just worked out that’s the middle of the night here in England. Hope they’ll be a repeat one day!

  5. Would love to be there!
    Thanks for agreeing to do this!

  6. Alexandre says:

    Sorry …I’m going to miss this…it’s too late for me …i’m working tomorrow 🙁 …hope we could have a recap…thx anyway and have a good chat!

  7. Sam says:

    I’m not able to attend either – but all the best and I’m sure it’ll be terrific!!

  8. Great Lab, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom 🙂 It has given me many ideas that I can start to work on.

    Thanks again!

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