Good to Know #2 Launch!

Good to Know #2

I’m thrilled to launch the second issue of the Good to Know project with not just one, but three zine giveaways!

If you haven’t heard, the Good to Know project is full of advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers on creativity, business and life. For the second issue, we asked this question:

When does one know that a personal style has developed? Is it important to know what exactly that style is?

Twenty-eight answers were gathered, and along with that, many submitted their work alongside their thoughts! I’d like to thank the following participants for coming along:

  1. Xin of Doinky Doodles
  2. Belinda Kemp of Gretchenmist
  3. Brian Patenaude
  4. Emma Kidd of Benconservato
  5. Cathie Urushibata
  6. Claudia Pearson
  7. D.U.R.A aka i.itch.illustrations
  8. Dolores Wally
  9. Elizabeth Graeber
  10. memo
  11. Katherine Quinn
  12. Katie Green
  13. Kerry Lemon
  14. Lauren Minco
  15. Paula Mills
  16. Shawna Stobaugh of Nonna Illustration & Design
  17. Linda Solovic
  18. MarΓ­a Paula Dufour
  19. Anna Denise van der Reijden
  20. Missy Kulik
  21. Leah Piken Kolidas
  22. Patricia of pvedesign
  23. Kellie
  24. Racheal Anilyse
  25. Daria Rychkowa/rdw
  26. Heather Smith Jones
  27. Kat Hannah
  28. Ana Maria Seaton, Renmeleon

You can read their opinions here, where you can purchase and also download the PDF directly on the site (we still have our Etsy site if you prefer that option!) To see a preview of the zine, see our Issuu page.

To be one of the three random winners who will be sent a copy of the zine, just let me know in the comments section who is your favourite artist in the whole wide world, or what kind of style you are drawn to. Don’t have a favourite? Just comment away anyway and you’ll be in the running. πŸ™‚

The lucky winners will be picked on Friday, 5th June 2009!

Have a great weekend everyone!


*The comments are now closed, and winners will be announced on Monday — thanks for coming along! If you’d like to receive future notifications of giveaways + more on Pikaland, subscribe to our mailing list!*

36 Replies to “Good to Know #2 Launch!”

  1. Ashley Watts says:

    I’m not really drawn to one artist in particular…but to a style full of colors and shapes! πŸ™‚

  2. Jen says:

    amy, you have my bedsheets! yeah!
    i bought one on etsy earlier. i can’t wait to read, great topic πŸ™‚

  3. Angela says:

    Hey! Love your site and I’m keeping up with it thanks to the nifty RSS reader tool!
    I can’t pick a particular artist, but I love the articles! Best wishes πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Amy!
    I have seen the PDF version and I think is great!
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Misty Poe says:

    I’m drawn to images that give me a sense of a story; something unique to the illustrator/artist. I like to have an emotional reaction to the work.

  6. Zime says:

    It’s so great to hear about your second issue. Congrats Amy!!!

  7. Em Stronach says:

    Completely obsessed with an Australian artist called Tim Storrier at the moment, spending all my money on paint so I can learn to paint fire like him, so I would love to win your zine πŸ˜›

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Amy, this is such a great topic!! It’s so cool that it comes with images…very inspirational! Have a wonderful week and love to you!

  9. Maggie says:

    I’m going old skool and say Charlie Harper. I’ve long been a fan of his work.

  10. halle says:

    this is a really good topic. as artists/creatives, i think we are constantly evolving and our personal styles reflect that. our artwork changes as we learn and grow.

  11. hanna says:

    this sounds like a really great magazine.

  12. Irit says:

    I’d love to win this mag!

  13. ren says:

    mark ryden is one of my favorite artists. talk about style! he’s a little scary, a little enchanting and beyond all the weird stuff, he’s skilled. spectacular!

  14. Christine says:

    Camilla Engman instantly comes to mind as an illustrator whose work I love, but there are so many – including so many I see on Pikaland. Thanks for such a great source of inspiration!

  15. I like the Pikaland and Good to Know projects. These are great initiatives. What I enjoy above all is the richness and the diversity in the illustrators’ style that you promote month after month! I don’t prefer one in particular, an even if I am myself a children illustrator, I enjoy seeing other styles than mine.
    Thanks for your good work!

  16. Jenny says:

    Laura Carlin, Luke Best, Quentin Vijoux, Jean Julien, Marc Simont, Quentin Blake, Nick Sung.

  17. Laura says:

    It’s too hard to pick a favorite… but I love work that shows the beauty in the mundane, every day stuff of life.

  18. Karen says:

    My favourite artist/illustrator at this moment is SANNA ANNUKKA. The wonderful thing with her work is that she captures the essence of folk traditions and renders it with vector illustration, two quite different worlds that emerge as her own unique style. And her latest collaboration with Marimekko just blew me away.

  19. Caroline says:

    i really, really like golly bard’s style & imagination! and courtney oquist, too. πŸ™‚

  20. Nancy Wilson says:

    All the illustrators in Pickaland have so much charm. It’s inspirational to have the thoughts in “Good to Know”. Thanks so much for doing this Amy, it’s a great service for artists!!

  21. Dawn says:

    I just love Janet Bell from the UK. Love the colors, the subjects(boats and harbors and people by the shore) which is my own environment here on the East Coast of the US and her style is so her own.
    Thanks for doing this; great idea!

  22. Jonathan says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  23. merrilee says:

    great discussion topic! can’t wait to read!

  24. Shermeen says:

    this is such a hard question…

    well, I love AUDREY KAWASAKI’s ( work for the beauty she draws all her subjects with. Her lines are so clean, the colours blend perfectly, the wood she uses for her canvas adds a different touch and… you have to see it for yourself!

    oh, but I really like ARTHUR RACKHAM’s children’s fairytale illustrations too ! (

    I know this might sound like me trying to be politically correct, but it’s honestly how I feel:

    There are too many great illustration styles to decide on just one that I like!!! I could try narrowing down though….

    I like the sketchy kinds of illustration like CHERIE TAN’s (

    I like XIN/DOINKY DOODLES’s quirky, upbeat illustrations too because I’ve been a supporter ever since I discovered her stall at the MAAD fleamkt in singapore.

    Btw, the link above doesn’t work… but I found she has a flickr page too! It’s here:

    I like MARI KUBOTA’s doll-girls as well …(

    and ILLULAND ( : these interesting Danish designers whose atelier (in the basement) my friends & I stumbled across when we were wandering around copenhagen.

    so in a nutshell,

    I think my favourite styles are the delicately-drawn and painted with muted colours illustrations; the sort that look they were quickly sketched and coloured messily; and the quirky sort.

    (sorry Amy, I wrote an essay of an answer, didn’t I..)

  25. Emily says:

    Hoo, not sure I could pick one favorite. But I tend to be drawn to a sort of design-y illustration style, and I love seeing the hand of the artist, and a sort of hand-made aesthetic.

  26. sloeginfizz says:

    This is such a great question/topic. My favorites change all the time, but my fave this week is Sasha Barr:

  27. sfer says:

    I’m torn… seriously torn between Benvonservato, Elizabeth Graeber, Memo, Kerry Lemon… OMG, so many of them on that list! Don’t make me choose!!! XD

  28. charlotte says:

    I thought I had entered already…Kerry Lemon is definitely a fave!
    Wonderful job by the way!

  29. ning fathia says:

    I don’t have a particular style I’m drawn into, I have a favorite artist, of course, but I think it’s unfair to compare one to another as all style has each own beauty.

  30. Deanna says:

    I am drawn to a fun, whimsical – just off the edge of reality style! I also like cute things..

  31. Kit Lane says:

    Beautiful work, all of them but I am especially drawn to the darkish side of Kat Hannah.

  32. Melanie Kiser says:

    My favorite artist is Paulette Insall … her girls just draw me in. Plus, Paulette is an amazingly lovely person herself (inside and out!)

  33. ValArt says:

    I love all the artists featured here and their work. Personally, I think artists just have to get their voice heard, however they can. And if there’s a manual out there for artists titled “Good To Know”, well, then, what could be better than that?!

  34. Heather J says:

    They’re are way many artist’s too list but lately a few of my favorites are Angela Simione and Stacy Kathyrn
    Martha Rich
    Jessica Doyle
    Jennifer Davis

  35. Heather J says:

    I know this doesn’t count towards the giveaway but I forgot Jessica Gonacha now I’ll quit πŸ™‚

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