The Good to Know Project + Etsy Virtual Labs recap (artists)

I’m so very happy to announce some exciting happenings over at Pikaland that might be of interest to your lovely readers!

1. The Etsy Virtual Labs recap
For those who weren’t able to attend the one-hour event on Etsy where I talked about Inspiring Creativity, I prepared a little recap (part 1 of 2) over on the Pikaland blog:

2. Introducing the Good to Know Project
I’ve also just launched the Good To Know project (, a monthly read available as a printed zine that’s full of advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers on creativity, business and life. The first topic is about overcoming stumbling blocks to creativity, and you can see what 40+ artists and friends have to say about what works for them.

And if your readers would prefer to keep a hard copy of the zine, it’s available too over on our Etsy shop:

That’s all for the week, I promise! 😉

See our latest endeavor — the Good to Know project!

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