Bloggers Q+A: Design For Mankind

We’re back again with another installment of Blogger’s Q+A, and this time we have the lovely Erin of Design for Mankind! Erin is a dear friend and is one of the biggest supporters of Pikaland (we’ve known each other when Pikaland was barely a few months old!) We’ve worked together on a couple of projects and I am so thrilled that she is the next one up!


Name: Erin
Blog: Design for Mankind, Editor of Mankind Mag
Contact: erin{AT}

Who are some of your favourite artists (and is there a particular reason why are they your favorites?)
Hmm. One of my very favorite artists is Sandra Juto, and I think the main reason is because she’s so well-rounded. She truly exudes art in her every day, from the way she styles her photos to her photography, illustrations and everything in between. If I had one ounce of her talent, I would be THRILLED!

How would you describe Design for Mankind’s blog style?
I love perusing artists’ portfolios and if you have unique work, you’ll catch my eye. I tend to shy away from anything too commercial or crafty, and I’ll admit—- if I’ve seen it before, I have a VERY hard time re-posting it. Other than that, I’m a big fan of photography, illustration and graphic design, along with gallery installations and everyday portraits. If there’s a personal story behind your work, even better!

What catches your eye, and what would make you decide to blog about an artist’s work? (Is there a certain style you’re looking for? )
Initially, the concept draws me in. For instance, if I see an illustration that I immediately want to “figure out,” I’m sold. I like meaningful ideas that are well-executed. But at the same time, show me a beautiful photograph of a blank wall and I just may post it. I’d say the biggest deciding factor is whether or not I can see soul in the work.

And are there specific genres that you think might not be a good fit with your blog?
I had mentioned earlier I’m not a big “craft” blog. I think there are so many other venues that would be the perfect place to submit crafts, so I tend to shy away from the over-exposed softies, scrapbooks and crocheted scarves. At the same time, however, if your work is unique enough [think Ed Biglee], the medium isn’t important.

I also don’t post a lot of interior design. Again, I feel this market is totally covered, so I’d rather feature an independent artist or graduate’s portfolio than the new Eames chair. It’s very important to me to be sure that all voices are heard.

We know that some bloggers prefer to get submission emails in a certain way — are there any preference to how they should send in submissions to your blog?
Oh not at all—— any and all submissions are welcome, in whatever way you choose. My email address is erin{AT}, and I’m always available to chat about anything! If you do send a press release, however, it’s always nice to read a few personalized sentences prior to the actual press release. Otherwise, I get a bit bored [I won’t lie!]. 😉

And by the way, if you don’t hear from me, I didn’t get your email. Feel free to re-send; I always respond to my emails, even if it may take a few days. 🙂

Are there any other tips you’d like to pass on to Pikaland’s readers about selling/marketing their work?
I’m sure this isn’t a new tip, but the biggest thing I look for in a product is good photography. Don’t skimp in this department—- hire a professional if you need to. It’s VERY important.

My other advice is not to saturate the market all at once. I think most bloggers would agree that they enjoy having a unique voice, and if we’re all featuring the same artists, we can’t be very unique, can we?

I’d also like to add that personally, if your work doesn’t fit my aesthetic, I’ll often try to fit you in elsewhere. Tell me what makes you unique and different, and sometimes your story and soul is enough that the aesthetic makes no difference.

And the best advice I can give? Know the first name of the blogger you’re writing. None of this ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ stuff, b/c I’ll think you’re from Lithuania and you want my hand in marriage. 😉

{Thank you Erin! Don’t forget to read Erin’s latest issue of Mankind Mag that’s hot off the press filled with eye candy and loads of art!}


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12 Replies to “Bloggers Q+A: Design For Mankind”

  1. frl.zucker says:

    man, i looooove sandra juto, too. and design for mankind of course. <3

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Thatz is such a cool feature! I enjoyed the blog very much! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely merry day!

  3. will Bryant says:

    man i love erin lochness and design for womankindness!

    great post amy!

  4. rachael says:

    erin is such a nice person and she has a great eye for talent…her blog and mankind mag inspire me to no end…thanks for a lovely interview with such a lovely person!

  5. ahhh thank you so much all, and amy— this was such fun! very cool feature; agreed. 😉

    love to you my dearie!

  6. What a GREAT choice!
    Go Erin!
    She’s got a sweet, yet sharp eye for goodness, has that Erin!

  7. Alex. says:

    What a cool Q&A. A bit more in depth than the usual thing – I like it!!

  8. I’m lovin this new series Amy! And yay for Erin, she has such a ceative intake on the blogosphere!

  9. Theresa says:

    this is a fantastic Q/A, I love design for mankind

  10. AnnaDenise says:

    What a great interview! I had never heard of that blog, it’s awesome! Thanks for showing us! Great new series indeed!

  11. Such a great interview Amy! Thank you so much and I do adore Miss Erin! She is a wonderful doll and this is a fantastic series!
    I love it!

  12. esti says:

    Through her blog and words I know Erin’s a good person all around, plus she has great eye for talent, even when talking of the very alternative or unknown art. Thanks Erin. You’ve been a total inspirational source, and you know it 🙂
    Thanks for this series. I look forward to the next ones.

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