The December PikaPackage Project: update #3

We’re on our last update for the December PikaPackage Project, and this brings our lot of participants to 24! Come to think of it, I think I may actually stick to a smaller number, as it is so much more fun! Update number 3 has these wonderful participants that we would like to showcase:

  1. Tad Carpenter sent in a massive package that contained silkscreened giant prints of his monster mix-up (each waist of the monsters are of the same width, and so is interchangeable), silkscreens on wood panels + loads of cards;
  2. Yael Fran sent in an assortment of fabulous brooches, necklaces and gift tags made from her beautiful collages!
  3. Lizzy House sent in a beautiful package filled with handprinted cards, prints and twee notebooks!
  4. Cristina Sitja Rubio sent in a fun coloring book, buttons and prints for the December package;
  5. Susan Schwake sent in beautiful original drawings and prints of her work;
  6. Julie of Your Secret Admiral sent in her hand-drawn and hand-bound notebooks of various sizes;
  7. Maria Kalcheva sent in colourful mini prints, cards and calendars; and
  8. Anna Rosete of 1760 Sunday House sent in handmade Christmas ornaments, along with her prints all packed up in a pretty package!

See more pictures of what our participants sent in over at our Flickr stream, and remember to sign up for our mailing list because the giveaway is just around the corner (really close!), and so are the packages that are available for purchase (they’re perfect stocking stuffers!). Because the number of participants are smaller for this round, the number of packages available for sale is also much smaller than usual!

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  1. Belinda Kemp says:

    hi amy,
    this is a great project, am so glad i came across pikaland. i love the zine too 🙂

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