Leontine May

I’ve seen a lot of bird drawings lately — heck, even I draw them — but the ones drawn by Leontine May is one of the most animated birds I’ve ever seen (well, they’re as animated as drawings can go!). I’m not sure if it’s her deftness with watercolor that adds texture to her pieces, but I’m sure loving her work. You can see her portfolio go to her Etsy shop to pick up a few prints, and read up on her blog to see what she’s up to with her husband, little girl and her two cats.

3 Replies to “Leontine May”

  1. bibi says:

    i absolutely love her work!

  2. heidi says:

    very creative. love the layout of the site and how unique it is! keep up the good work!

  3. Amy Petz says:

    Gorgeous. I love the character of it. Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog today, but will be back.

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