I’m compelled to post these cards & wall art by Crafterall as one of the things I love is smooth organic lines, but also because I studied landscape architecture, and this just brings me right back where I was hunched over day and night to produce drawings and conceive design solutions for the field. Ah… memories.


I’m having issues with my internet connection (it being no more for the moment), so I might have a little trouble to respond to your emails + such. I’m sneakily using some of my time at work for my internet fix! Posts for the blog will still be up as I’ve lined up enough posts to last until Friday!

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  1. Heidi says:

    I’d favourited Crafterall’s shop a while ago but this great reminder came with perfect timing while holiday gift shopping (there is a geographer/cartographer in the family who will adore my newly purchased topo-tastic art!)

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