The Rabbit Mayor

One of my absolute loves in the illustration genre is story-telling for both adults and kids alike. I have a stack of very old illustrated story books that was handed down to me by my cousins which I treasure till this very day.

I stumbled on Jon Klassen’s Burst of Beaden via Gallery Nucleus, and his prints first caught my eye. But my curiosity was piqued when I saw the Rabbit Mayor — a story he illustrated for Flight magazine, which was only half shown. So on a whim, I wrote him an email to request for the entire story and to profess my love of his works; and I woke up the next day with an email from him, and a link to the whole story — which you all can enjoy here. (It’s still not available yet on his site, so consider this an exclusive for now!) 😉

That just made my day!

13 Replies to “The Rabbit Mayor”

  1. roachz says:

    Seen his other works, they are genius!!

  2. This is pure genius! Fantastic colors and image construction. Love it!!

  3. katie says:

    that is super cute!

  4. eggyolk says:

    aaw, that was wonderful! I really liked the other work on his website too, especially the animation An Eye for Annai, so many oh nos! followed by yaay 😀

  5. Mithi says:

    Isn’t he great? I’ve been following him for years – since I came across ‘an eye for anai’. I LUUUUURVE the ‘adventures of ship’ 🙂 One day I shall have a print of it on my wall …

  6. rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Amy! The illustration is beautiful – I’ve spent the whole hour of my lunch break browsing his website and have even written a little entry in my journal about him. Amazing stuff! 😀

  7. gemma says:

    oooh wow, i love jon’s work. good find amy! x

  8. Naomi Shiek says:

    Very cool illustrator! Just added him to my favorite list. Thanks for telling us about him.

    I just love his “Furniture” series and his “19 Birds” idea sounds like it was great fun!

  9. Flora says:

    I love these illustrations!

  10. meighan says:

    wow. that is so awesome. i love the world wide intrawebz. on my over to read now, so that i may read it to my self before i go to bed!

  11. Amy says:

    Wow, I’m glad you all liked the story! 🙂

  12. Caroline says:

    What a wonderful illustration, I can’t wait to go and have a sneek peek at the whole thing!

  13. deanimate says:

    Wow awesome! I had seen an excerpt of that illustration ages ago and it stuck in my mind for so long because of the lovely style and simplicity. I didn’t even realise there was more to go with it. Thank smeg I came across this site. HURRAHS!

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