I'm going home!

Dear everyone,

I have good news. I will be going home on Sunday, which means:

  1. My erratic blogging behaviour over the past few weeks will finally end;
  2. I’ll be able to post up pictures of lovely peeps who’ve sent in their contributions for the PikaPackage Project ; and
  3. I will also put up some pictures that I took during my time here in the hope that this will compensate for my faux pas #1 & #2 (see above)!

Thank you for all your kind words, lovely comments and wonderful emails — I will get back to everyone on Monday!


8 thoughts on “Hearting

  1. Thanks everyone! This photo is one of my favourites — it’s taken when we were eating cherries (and tomatoes too) by the river at Arashiyama; it’s a place that’s famous for its lush bamboo forest.

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