A slice of drafts

I’ve been doing some sketches and drafts for a book cover illustration for my friend, which I am showing here. These were all rejected ones, hence I can share them with you!

The process was definitely fun for me. This was the first time I actually attempted something like this, which a big thing, because I am not a professional illustrator. Quite a lot of people have asked me whether I am an illustrator or an artist, and I don’t think I’ve quite reached that stage yet. I’m still figuring out my own style and hoping to see it solidify as I progress, before I can firmly say that I am either.

I’m going to be drawing up another set, and hopefully if it gets published, I’ll be able to share them with you all!

One thing I did learn was that constant practice is essential to get ahead, and it’s something that I keep repeating to myself everyday. A good yardstick that I measure myself with is my bird drawings. They seem more organic and less forced the more I worked on them! 🙂

+ Here’s an interesting article by Shaun Tan about the creative process, and the question of what originality is.


9 thoughts on “A slice of drafts

  1. They rejected those? Oh My! They’re GORGEOUS … says the illustrator-in-training. I’d be well pleased if I were churning out stuff like that!

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