The PikaPackage GIVEAWAY!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! I’m so happy to announce the giveaway for our very first PikaPackage Project! And instead of ONE big winner, I’m dividing it into TWO for this round! Here’s how you can win yourself a goody bag containing great art from:

  1. Caitlin from Pepperminte who sent in her beautiful work in 4’ x 6’ matte prints;
  2. Manyi from Mau Studio who sent in an assortment of buttons, postcards and stickers;
  3. Iris Schwarz who sent in beautiful full-sized prints, tags and cards from her Paulette Editions;
  4. Cori of Corid who sent in her precious original artwork on wood;
  5. Norma of Crankbunny who sent in an assortment of fantastic pop up cards;
  6. Raphaella of Heartful Art who sent in inspiring postcards;
  7. Annette of Carambatack who sent in full-sized prints of her work;
  8. Susan of It’s a Whimsical Life who sent in full sized prints featuring her adorable characters;
  9. Enna who sent in postcard packs, envelope packs and her beautiful matrioshka wrapping paper;
  10. Amber Alexander who sent in full-sized prints and beautiful cards from her watercolor drawings;
  11. Kristiana of Krisblues who sent in beautiful full-sized prints of her illustrations on wood;
  12. Marianne of Appleseed who sent in a wonderful array of postcards (prints of her collage works) + paper packs filled with inspiration;
  13. Katrine K who sent in full-sized prints and glossies;
  14. Gemma Correll who sent in her very funny and lovely illustrations printed on zines, buttons, a coloring book, stickers and a pop tart brooch;
  15. Rachel from Elephantine who sent in adorable notecards and stickers;
  16. Justin of Justmadbooks who sent in his first issue of his Breathers comic books, and Birch, a small picture book;
  17. Heike of Felicitate88 who sent in linocut prints, collaged and printed postcards;
  18. Amanda Kindregan who sent in her lovely full-sized prints and cards;
  19. Kate of Charmfoundry who sent in her beautiful waxy postcard sets;
  20. Kajsa of Syko who sent in pretty sketchbooks and lovely postcards inspired from her quilts;
  21. Sarah+Ryan of Labpartners who sent in their 3-color letterpressed San Francisco print and many other yummy screenprinted prints;
  22. Junkyard Sam who sent in his wonderfully quirky full-sized prints, mini-prints and tags;
  23. Mo of Bismo080 who sent postcards, magnets, buttons, clips and notebooks all the way from Bangkok, Thailand;
  24. Blanca Helga who sent us her lovely collage print postcards;
  25. Olivia of Restlessthings who sent us mini-prints of her work plus a button set;
  26. The funky Stuart Kolakovic who sent in his illustrated comics titled “A Gosling”;
  27. Natasha of BubboTubbo who sent in her specially made prints from her new shop;
  28. Jo of 12fifteen who sent in a beautiful screenprinted linen cushion cover, prints and letterpressed card sets; and
  29. Jessie of Unicorn Kids Studios who sent in her lovely City Life prints!

So here’s what you need to do have a chance to win each one of these packages:

  1. Visit the shops of our participants, and write down here in the comments which product you like from their shop (plus the links); and/or
  2. Sign up for our mailing list.

You can do both — you’ll have more chances of getting one of the packages! The closing date for this is on Tuesday 6 May, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick one random winner from each (comments + mailing list) then!

Remember to read up on our participants in our PikaPackage zine too — you can download one here

And if you want to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), click here!

P/S — Those who have already signed up for our mailing list will already be in the running, no worries!


57 thoughts on “The PikaPackage GIVEAWAY!

  1. you’ve done such a wonderful job with putting all of this together! i just wanted to let you know that you rock and that i admire you. all the best to you and pikaland!

  2. 1.













    14. badge pack- animals:
















  3. Oh my! I love lots!! I love any of Syko’s illustrations, Lab Partner’s San Fran print, Bismo’s Girl pins, Enna’s matryoshko (i don’t think i spelled that right!) paper but I love it!, Whimsical Life- love the illustrations, junkyard sams colors!!! and more!

  4. oooo amy – you rascal – where do you store all these goodies? My pick o the day is number 3 on your list – Week18 SEVEN Weekly Edition of 7/print – in particular – by Iris Schwarz. I feel like the lady with the flashlight at the moment…..she looks like she knows something ‘joosy’. amy you are awesome! cheerio deario suz

  5. i love…
    from mau studio the: Love Nut/Night Owl Tiny Sketch Necklace by Mark Poulin (the owl is just too cute!)
    from krisblues: ‘where are you fox?” print
    labpartners san francisco letterpress print (makes me want to go there!!)
    and last but not least, from 12fifteen: the indian summer two print-making me wish that summer wasn’t over down here…
    ps: this site is beautiful, thank you for all the hard work you put into it, i discovered you just recently and seeing all this wonderful work has inspired me to keep at it with my own. xx C.

  6. oh wow amy, where do I start?!! I just love Iris Schwarz’s work, esp this delicate deer print and ‘adagio’ –
    Also I think Annette Mangaseth’s ‘Houses 1’ work is so special –
    Plus CharmFoundry’s piece
    And Kristiana Parn’s little bunnies –
    But my ALL time favourite is restless things – and and
    Phew! Thank you and keep up the wonderful work Amy! k x

  7. i am in love with Gemma Correll’s work! It is so awesome! You must be so pleased with all the fantastic work people sent in! I also love Lab Partner’s San Francisco prints….

  8. there’s too much loveliness here, but here are my favourites:
    i’ve got a bunny of my own so it’s impossible for me not to fall for kristiana’s art
    and anything by syko and gemma correll
    thanks for spreading the beauty!
    lots of love to pikaland!

  9. I love:
    the colourful tree from carambatack:
    Follow your heart from Kris Blue:
    The Small People postcards by Marianne at Appleseed:
    Cat Illustration on Wood by Felicitate88:
    The Rainclouds cushion cover by Syko:
    Thank you!

  10. You have done an incredible job curating this package… Your blog has become the first place I visit for inspiration and to check out new artist. It’s so hard to pick a favorite but at the moment I’m in awe of Norma at Crankbunny. The level of detail, craftsmanship and imagination is absolutely incredible. I LOVE these puppet scissors!

    Keep up the amazing posts!

  11. wow, how to choose? i am drawn to cranky bunny, purely because i love the name. the fish head pop-up card is definitely a fav:

    but i’m also a fan of felicitate88, and her dog illustrations:

    and i love syko’s birds:

    oh, and cori’s big city daze:

    there are just so many! thank you for introducing me to some new, amazing artists!

  12. I’m so glad to have found this blog!

    1. Love the Joan of Arc at

    2. We love dogs around here – and fun earrings here

    3. From Iris Schwarz – these don’t look comfortable, but they are oh so adorable

    4. Being a teacher myself I love this print of Cori’s

    5. these would by perfect in my puppet collection, by Norma

    6. This quote from Heartful Art is so true!

    7. Orange makes me happy

    8. Performing dog – cool!

    9. My daughter just lost one of these today (not the earring variety!)

    10. I would love 8 of these

    11. We like doing this

    12. I adore the set C of small people designs

    13. I like to practice this when I’ve not much else to do – or to keep from doing much of anything else!

    14. I’d have to have a wee greenie with 6 legs!

    15. This notecard would make a great way to say hi to the many people I’m missing

    16. Jetpacking – my dream as a kid!

    17. This would be a fun band to listen to!

    18. I want art on my tea towels!

    19. Postcard samples – what could be better than a pack of 3 but a pack of 6!

    20. I wish the trees where I lived looked like this!

    21. Love this city!

    22. Pleasant and peaceful is good.

    23. Panda card notebook would help me keep track of all my thoughts and plans!

    24. Hmmmm.

    25. Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles?

    26. Once!

    27. Communication!

    28. Couldn’t decide – bubbles or birds

    29. Sparkle indeed!

    What wonderful artists! That was fun!

  13. 1)
    6) no link to store?
    12) set C, queenie!!
    14) t-shirt, soo gorgeous!

  14. 1.
    14. Book of Kittens

  15. There are so many i liked but i’ll keep the list reasonable:

    from it’s a whimsical life: (so cute!! but i loved all of them)
    love this squirrel charm from mau studios:
    The crankbunny heart pop up:
    I couldn’t even begin to decide with carambatack’s work so i picked the sticker set with a little bit of everything:
    and this from restless things took my breath away:

  16. What a beautiful looking package… I’m going to sign up for the mailing list as well. Here are my picks…
    11. Man, this one was hard… I like everything she’s got! But this one’s great:
    14. Apples and Bikes on this page:
    18. and

    Whew… long list. But so worth it! I “hearted” all of them on Etsy… thanks for the giveaway!

  17. All such lovely and creative people! My favorites are Corid and Carambatack because I am such a sucker for recycled text in design and illustration…. such interested creative work i love them all! Especially cos im from melbourne where its always raining and cos its so cute!
    And also i love this from katrineK – he just looks so sad 🙁
    as well as 12fifteen designs in general -the colours and the simple graphics…. so nice i want them all. i think i will buy these coasters

  18. There are so many wonderful goodies to look at- I am so happy I got pointed here by Erin at Design for Mankind. Though I have lots of favorites I think the one I like the best is the 7 Birds Scarf from Syco. Wow- it is simply lovely in fact all of her things are.
    Thank you for the lovely give away chance and for existing- I can’t wait to go and take a look around.

  19. okay, i must say that i loved it all!
    buuut, my special favourites are: 12fifteen, Lab Partners, Gemma Correl and Elephantine

    i also loved: from Blanca Helga
    and this pillow from Enna:

    tina :DD

  20. love love love:
    ~Everything from Caram Batack, if I have to pick a fav it is -my red umbrella
    ~skipping wholes by Corid-
    ~drumstick letterpress notecards by 12fifteen-
    ~New mama by amber alexander-
    ~Matryoshka Mail notebook by -bismo080

  21. What a lovely collection of art! This is so great. Here are my picks from all the shops.

    1. the bleeding knees club

    2. Funny Button Trio

    3. Poem

    4. Big City Daze

    5. Crankobot Paper Robot Puppet Toy

    6. Heart of Innocence

    7. Set with 30 stickers

    8. Pigs might fly

    9. forest wall decals

    10. Elly – Baby Elephant Print

    11. Winter

    12. Set C

    13. Just a feeling

    14. badge pack- mexico

    15. the multi-purpose + paper doll

    16. Sorry I Brought You Into This Mess

    17. original linocut

    18. Double Butterfly block print

    19. March

    20. Umbrella 2

    21. Nautical Portraits

    22. The Agriculturalers

    23. 1.25 inch Pins set D (because of the seal)

    24. Little blue horse at the moon

    25. Orbital

    26. Once

    27. Limited Edition mounted print

    28. Indian summer two print

    29. City Life


    I love both sides of this necklace. I’m a sucker for anything owl related and the squirrel is just too cute

    I’m totally addicted to the whole reusing old books for art thing that’s been going on lately.

    I have no idea what that little green thing is but I want like twenty of them.

    I’m not usually a fan of buttons, but these are pretty awesome. ^^

  23. Oh goodness. My favorites:

    I love whale anything:

    And silhouettes:

    The pop-up cards slayed me and I love the peacock:

    I am also a sucker for architectural sketches:


    Oh, I’ve been drooling over Amber Alexander’s animal watercolors for months:

    I picked this out of the photos on this post and sifted through all the shops until I found it:

    The shows make me feel like writing the short story behind the painting:

    Hal’s mustache! Love!


    Wow, the waxy drawings are so cool:

    This made me laugh and laugh.

    Goodness, I am in love with 12fifteen’s whole shop. Those coasters! The colors. But this is particularly stunning:

  24. woweee!
    so many beautiful beautiful things! my eyes are wide with awe!
    but yes, i particularly love Krisblues’ illustrations on wood. my particular favourites being cardinals:
    aaaand feeding birds:
    lovely lovely.
    i am also super in love with bismo080’s ‘a girl and her house magnets’:
    so cute!

  25. Milady’s pika picks…
    stuart kolakovic is awesome!

    crankbunny its all tremendous!!:

    bubbo tubbo : i can’t wait to see more!

    charmfoundry: LOVE ALL but am choosing this lovely tree collage

    iris schwartz : paulette – beeeeeautiful! i particularly love the shoes

    katrine k i love this print xoxo

    corid: i love the full time illustrator artist part AND all the art! so delightful.

    amanda kindegran: how cute is that?

    junkyard sam: i love the richness in your colors (i must admit i almost didn’t look after reading your bio and your jogging/peep habits)

    caranbatack design: i love her pippy alice legs beaming up

    kristiana parn: ALL OF IT!

    bismo 080’s: its all so cute i can’t pick just one

    i thoroughly looked at each and every site!
    wow…i’m drunk on talent! my time is up so if i forgot anybody …oops…thank you amazing Amy Ng.

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