Corduroy + Groundwork

All I need — limited edition print

Let’s Grow Old Together

The Imaginary Photo; Ferns

Danna Ray runs Groundwork, an Etsy shop that sells prints — her work portrays a subtle message that focuses on nature.

Thin Air

The Greatest Day Ever

Toro print; Outlaw organic onesies

Her sister Jen Ray runs Corduroy, a shop that stock her prints and also screenprinted t-shirts and onesies. Her work is more playful and quirky of the two, with a focus on animals, although nature plays a big part in her inspirations as well.

Talent definitely runs in the family, as their mother also runs an Etsy shop that sells snuggly woodland creatures!

2 Replies to “Corduroy + Groundwork”

  1. love the prints by groundwork, they’re so beautiful.

    you post so many wonderful things! i couldn’t decide where to leave a comment! thank you for dropping by and leading me back here. i’ve subscribed!

  2. rebecca says:

    These are all just so beautiful! I particularly the love the the Birthday Boar 😉
    What a talented family they are!

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