Pikapackage: FAQ

1. I’m still confused. What’s a PikaPackage, exactly?
A PikaPackage is a monthly promo and marketing tool for illustrators and artists who are selling online. This package will be as ONE free giveaway, and the rest will be sold to adoring fans and readers. (The proceeds from the sale of PikaPackages will fund Pikaland.)

The giveaway package will hold one item each from every participant, while the rest of the PikaPackage to be sold will hold selected items from the participants (with a minimum amount spread all around) + a specially produced zine by Pikaland!

2. And who are the participants of PikaPackage?
PikaPackage holds stuff from illustrators and artists who sells their wares online (via their own shops, on Etsy, DaWanda, etc).

3. And what’s in it?
Prints, buttons, coasters, notepads, postcards, zines, comics, etc — as long as you had a hand in illustrating it. Pikaland will also be producing a special zine to be included with each package.

4. Why should I contribute to PikaPackage?
Previously, to get on the Galleria (the rotating banner on the right of the blog), you’d have to pay to be on it, much like an advertisement space. But then we thought that it should be more community driven, and instead of asking you to cough up moolah for the spot (which we know is hard to come by!), we thought of bartering the space for some of your goods, so that we could put together a promo package for fans of illustrations + art. Plus, you get a PikaPackage of your own too!

5. And what will I get?
You will get one pikapackage in the mail for participating (shipping included); and one month of free banner display on our galleria that links back to your store.

6. And how will Pikaland help me?
Pikaland celebrates illustrators and artists who are selling their wares and brings them to the masses. And since we’ve narrowed down the audience to those who love illustrations + art, you’ve got a receptive crowd right here!

7. How many items should I donate?
A minimum of 8 items will suffice for now, but if you want to donate more, please feel free to do so!
Oh, and remember to include your business card, or your promo material with your wares to show a link back to your site — I’ll provide the information in the zine, but just a heads up in case you’d like to include some (some may not have any done up, and that’s okay too).

8. And why should I contribute more?
Well, since the contributions will be divided equally between each package with a minimum quantity of products each, contributing more will result in more of your items to go around — and will reach a wider audience.

9. This sounds fun! Could you tell me when is the cut off date for participants?
Our first PikaPackage will be sent out by end of April/early May 2008, so it’s best to have all your stuff in as soon as you can manage. It should be in the mail on its way to me by early April to guarantee inclusion in the package!

10. And where do I send my contribution to?
Send me an email about your interest in participating, and I’ll let you know!

11. I need visuals! Can you illustrate the idea and tell me how it will actually work?
We sure did! See the illustration of the whole shebang right here.

Need more answers? Email me here.

Vintage illustration love

I’m a huge fan of the Vintage Illustration Pool and the Vintage Children’s Books Pool at Flickr. It’s a great resource when you’re stumped for a fresh colorway, or just a place to look at good old vintage illustrations and be inspired.

1. The Little Monk and the Tiger, 2. A MOSQUITO PLANE, 3. I can Fly, 4. TICK TICK TICK, 5. ANT ROCKET, 6. Rock Crystal, 7. h, 8. Sparkle and Spin, by Ann and Paul Rand, pub. 1957., 9. Sparkle and Spin, by Ann and Paul Rand, pub. 1957.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you again next week!