Yael Fran

Yael Frankel’s shop is full of lovely miniature collages and illustration art – some of them wearable as pins on your cardigan!

Her blog is a treasure trove of miniature art, filled with doodles and illustration as well.

From top:
Sisters Don’t Know the City print (USD20); Teach Me pin (USD26); Both of us at home original collage (USD25); and her set of three postcards (USD10) .

2 Replies to “Yael Fran”

  1. Heidi says:

    Everybody hearts Yaelfran! Especially me!

  2. yaelfran says:

    Thanks a million AMY!!!!!!
    You have just an adorable site… full of treasures…

    And thanks so much Heidi!!!!!! LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!

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